1984: Buhari Blames Middlemen For Poor Economy, Even In 2018


The world where this kind of administration/Govt fits no longer exist. That’s why nothing works. This is why they make no progress but are full of excuses. This is why they live in the past and keep talking about the past. Citizens live in 2018, the Rulership is stuck in 1984. 😞

Many of the things that may have been tweeted by this handle will begin to have meaning as we proceed. Things are getting clearer. We once notified the public that SARS has outlived its importance, but some argued they can counter robberies. Now you know they stand no chance.
We warned about the aberration, but you called everyone who disagreed with the propaganda names. Now we are all experiencing the greatest heist ever in any known democracy. They’ve proven to have been describing themselves all along with the cluelessness & ineffectual buffoonery.
When we cautioned about the use of religion to obfuscate matters you said this one is not only a clergy but a Prof of Law. You decribed an utopian future with a Celestial Criminal Justice system while he boasted about immediate 3M job creation. Just look around you 3yrs later. 🧐
More than 3M Million jobs have been lost. Prominent people have lost their status by becoming self designated beggars. Their wards thrown out of schools. They sold you a defense that millions of Nigerians suffering job losses were corrupt. You believed and parroted same in chains
Look at the Criminal Justice System & weep for the future of our children if nothing is done about the current interregnum. U may not have much knowledge about the state of the judiciary but let me tell you ahead that the rotten Police is fairer than the evil that lurks in there.
I need not belabor you with the tales of the prison system. My brother & I have pledged and have been paying to help sort bonds for prisoners due for release but couldn’t afford it in the hundreds. It is gory and insane. It is a factory that hardens even the innocent.
There are many more issues to come to the light. Soon you will find that the Arms Purchase deal if investigated well will vindicate former President @GEJonathan The persecution is nothing but a vicious & vindictive dirty fight of political enemies at the expense of the masses.
Beware of those who wants power without the responsibility thereof. Nigeria can not survive another 4years under the current aberration. Whatever it will cost, we must NEVER give in to propaganda. There are many alternatives. Snap out of the hypnosis that stagnates progress.
Men of the past belong in the past. The memory of their names need not give you confidence based on the knowledge of their earstwhile reign, neither should the fear of the unknown disqualify blessings in disguise. We don’t need a Messiah. Just a listening human that values life.
The voices in your head playing back their rhetorics can be drowned with credible information that reflects the real world. The world has moved on, we need a capable & credible leadership that will facilitate the emancipation of the talents in Nigeria to deliver Africa.
We need a leadership that encourages Conversations. No one knows it all. He must employ his weaknesses across geopolitical zones. Everyone must have ownership. The term Nigeria is not just about the land but more about the pluralistic & multicultural people under the accord.
We need a leadership that won’t see socialmedia as a threat or abuse same by making online Herdsmen of our youths for crumbs. We need political parties who are not in the business of buying SANship & Professoral titles for their hirelings (Rag Dolls) we need no local imperialist.
A true leadership will carry out the needed reforms to ensure true federalism. Nothing will bring peace like each region being responsible for their Policing & control of their resources while power is devolved from the Centre. Leadership is about Service not Rulership.
There is a deliberate attempt to destroy education for the masses for easy rulership. But because their idea of education remains the Industrial Age model trapped in the assembly line within the four walls of an institution, they starve it of funds & frustrate teachers.
Keep your eyes peeled, there’s more to come. Prepare yourselves and hold your grounds. The slaves who have been conditioned to live on crumbs may stick to their comfort zones but break your own chain before helping another. This too shall pass. Our children deserve better.

…End of Celestial Observation…

Segun SEGA Awosanya, is a senior columnist for Corruption-Free Press News. He is a Bachelors (BSc,) & Masters Degree (MSc.) Holder (Estate Management) from the prestigious University of Lagos, in the Department of Estate Management. He’s currently researching his PhD thesis on Environment and Sustainability on the one hand and Institutional Reforms on the other. He is a disciplined result oriented, energetic creative and technical director (by training), media marketing consultant, broadcast engineer (Lyon, France), researcher and realtor with over 16 years track record of creating and developing highly successful and innovative advertising, brand, information technology technical support and direct marketing campaigns (driven by strategy and powered by business objectives). His strength include developing and delivering total value proposition strategy documents, user centric designs, brand development/reincarnation on diverse media, perception and crisis management, strategic communications and excellent implementation of skills across a variety of platforms with a proven record in managing teams, training, building and maintaining client relationship. He is a realtor, life coach, strategist and convener of Universal Institutional Reform Movement popularly known as the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG campaign.