Dr. Osagie Obayuwana Honoured By Nigerian Institute of Character


A few days ago Dr. Osagie Obayuwana was admitted into the Nigerian Institute of Character Education (NICE) and inducted as a Honorary Member of the institute. The membership is restricted to persons of very high integrity who have led examplary lives and have altruistically intervened in the development of the society.

The ceremony of admission and induction was done by Hon. Justice M. O. Oyanna (rtd) while the Chairman of the Executive Council of the Institute, Hon. Justice Chief E. O. Ikponmwen did the citation. The Institute’s main concern is to encourage the development of good character by people especially the younger ones.

This necessitated the creation of the” best behaved student award” to pupils and students of Edo State. However, hunger was seen as one of the impediments to the inculcation of values of good behaviour hence the decision to take steps to reduce the degree and spread of hunger in our society.

Towards this end, a call was made for a good vehicle to enable that foods are transported from areas of surplus to areas of needs.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Osagie Obayuwana thanked the members for finding him fit and proper to be considered for admission into the august body. He said he saw it as a rare privilege to be admitted into the Institute made up of men of integrity, humility, erudition and driven by the altruistic zeal to build society.

He noted that the bane of our society is presently the absence of good character and behaviour amongst our people. He observed that such virtues as hard work, humility, compassion, service, contentment, respect for self and others, respect for time and purposeful followership were lacking.

He emphasized that whereas it’s been acknowledged that poor leadership has stagnated our development but that this was because the followership has contributed in ways to make good governance a destination of government.

He also noted that  realistic templates should be developed identifying worthy pupils and students for the award instead of relying exclusively on the reports from their teachers. According to him, some of these teachers and even parents lack the modicum level of good character and behaviour.

He advised that the Institute should be circumspective of the source from revenue is generated from as some sources could not be vouched for in terms of good character. He further suggested that the scope of the Institute to include patients who lack access to drugs for their treatment and administration in the hospital.

He wondered why those who distributed rice during festive seasons can not be appealed to to also distribute improved seeds to the farmers in order to guarantee a bumper harvest that could increase the supply of food. He solicited for an Programme of Action that should be pursued with vigour in its implementation.

The Chairman thanked the new member and Inductee and acknowledged the wise recommendations. He admonished members to always disseminate new ideas on how the Institute can function better to members, even in the absence of a meeting.

Other members present at the ceremony were: Hon. Justice P. O. Isibor (rtd)- ( Secretary, Barr. Ovenseri Otamere ( PRO), a member of the Area Customary Court, Sarah- Secretariat Staff. The ceremony took place at Osagie Obayuwana & Co. chambers.