Fatai Momoh Pleads With Esan People To Reelect Senator Ordia, Joe Edionwele


    By our correspondent

    Prominent business man and astute politician, Fatai Momoh pleads with the entire Esan people to ensure the victory of the duo of Senator Clifford Odia and Hon. Joe Edionwele in the February 16 federal elections.

    Speaking at a meeting in ward 03 of Esan West Local Government Area, Mr. Fatai urged Esan people to vote for all the PDP candidates in appreciation of the quality representation in less than four years of Senator Clifford Ordia and Hon. Edionwele as they have demonstrated that there is a reason to hope for a better deal.

    Speaking further, Mr. Fatai Assured Esan people that Senator Ordia’s promise to do more when reelected should not be taken for granted because he is a man of his words

    “I believe That When reelect, Senator Ordia and Hon. Edionwele we spread development to villages and communities that are yet benefit from projects in this dispensation and urge all to be patient”, he said.

    Responding, the Idoa community leader Mr. Abu said they have no doubt that the Òtale Òluole of the 8th Senate will surpass expectations when reelected. Mr Momodu Abu charges every reasonable and responsible Esan sons and daughter to vote all the PDP candidates in the coming general election.