New York City will pay more than $12 million to man who spent 25 years behind bars because of a wrongful murder conviction.

Andre Hatchett, 51, sued the city, detectives and officers in March, saying police misconduct led to his conviction for the 1991 murder of a 37-year-old woman found strangled and bludgeoned in a Bedford-Stuyvesant park.

Brooklyn prosecutors undid Hatchett’s murder conviction in March 2016 — saying there was no way he was physically capable of committing the crime. He was recovering from gunshot wounds to his throat and leg at the time.

Seven months after Hatchett filed suit in Brooklyn federal court, city lawyers decided it was better to pay up than duke out the case.

Hatchett and the city reached a $12.25 million settlement in principle, a Law Department spokesman said Tuesday.

“Settling this unfortunate case was in the best interest of the city,” he noted.

Emma Freudenberger, one of Hatchett’s lawyers, told the Daily News her client “went through a 25-year nightmare and came out brave and positive and ready to put the past behind him and make the most his life. This settlement will help him do that.”

Hatchett’s lawsuit noted his parents, his brother and his son died while he was incarcerated.

On Tuesday, Freudenberger credited the city for seeing the “staggering scope of the misconduct in this case” and trying to right a wrong, rather than “push it under the rug.”

Source: NewYorkDaily